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Monday, November 14, 2011

The Reno continues...

Not yet ripe for photographing either - but in the meantime, I've been busy with some easy craft projects to help spruce the place up!
Probably the only thing I could photograph would be the kitchen, actually - which WAS a deep brick red colour just over a week ago, and is now a bright, crisp and inviting WHITE! The only problem is.. silly me.. I forgot to take a 'before' photo!!! So I might have to have a dig through some random photos and use that as an example.. and when i'm done 'styling' my 'new' kitchen, i'll post some pics.

Here are my fancy 'new' switch plates - covered with leftover wallpaper I had lying around and some japanese washi tape (bottom pic).

This is how ugly they were BEFORE:

And how pretty they are AFTER:

An extremely cheap and effective way to make your switch plates NOT look like sun ravaged eye-sores!! 

Wallpaper samples ($5 + $3), Washi tape ($8.99), some glue/masking tape and a stanley knife. DONE!

Also, check out my fancy 'new' pendant light, now hanging above my dining table:

It still needs a coat of fluro paint.. not sure what colour yet, but I am loving it - especially with the new old school bulb. 

All I did was buy the pendant cord ($20), the bulb ($4) and the old lamp shade shell from a junk shop ($5). And voila! LOVE! 

Last, but not least - my new framed art for my girls' room:

Fabric remnants, Florence Broadhurst wallpaper off cuts and a glue stick. Craft LOVE! 

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