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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Just for Josh!

Ain't Facebook great? Keeping up with all those people you might've otherwise lost touch with completely since school, and getting to see how their lives have turned out is too much fun to NOT keep coming back! Especially when they grow up, get married to lovely men and have the most gorgeous bubba's!! Aaahhhh, the cluck factor. Gets me every time!

My friend Kate from college sent me a lovely message the other day, after I posted the latest link to my blog. I was soo chuffed just to know people are reading - and then she asked for my advice!! Too exciting for words really. I looooove giving advice (some might say, a little too much! haha), especially when it comes to beautifying ones' home.. and how to do it cheaply.
I should really have called this blog 'Design Hacker' (much like Ikea Hacker), because I just love finding awesome expensive stuff to recreate for a fraction of the cost. It's so satisfying!!

Kate wanted some advice on what to do in her wee son Josh's room. So I went to work and found some budget friendly ideas that should make the wee man, and his folks, smile with thrifty delight!


For kids, bright is best in my opinion - but you don't have to go overboard with it. Their little brains need stimulation, sure, but yours doesn't need to ache every time you walk into their room.

1 2 3 4

1. Resene Spray
2. Resene Soapstone (this was just my version of your 'cream', to match to)
3. Resene Outrageous
4. Resene Drover.

Cream is the colour of the walls - and I think little bursts of orange, yellow and aqua would work well for a boys room.

These go well with a pale base too:

1. Resene "Reservoir"
2. Resene "Pursuit"
3. Resene "Hendrix"


If you're keen to get out the paint brush and have a go at remodelling Josh's drawers, then this is a cool way to do it.
I painted Lila's drawers (which were bare MDF) white (Porter's Paints "Milk"), then painted the odd drawer and drawer handle a different colour, using red (Porter's "Chili") and duck egg blue (Porter's "Glass"). Here's an example:

I also love this one.

(tip: I bought a small can of "Milk" to use as the base, but then just got a couple of tester sized pots to paint the accents with. Much cheaper than buying 3 big pots).


Esty have an insane selection of gorgeous prints; framed or unframed, that are perfect for kids walls. But you could also make your own if you have a capable colour printer and something nice to say! Pick up some second hand frames and give them a lick of paint or pop to the Warehouse or Factory Frames for some new but inexpensive ones, and you're done.

Wall art: 4 for $20 at this Etsy store! Bargains!

To add a bit of interest to your display, team painted wooden letters (Spotlight have them for about $3 each), different shaped objects (eg. butterflies or other easy silhouettes cut out of paper/bark) or embroidered quilt rings to create a cluster. These are really easy and inexpensive to make. Fabric + felt + a black sharpie + glue/stickie + quilt ring = adorable. And if you put a cork tile under the fabric, it can act as a cork board too. But if you do that, make sure your quilt ring is huge and your fabric is a loose 'knit' and printed too, to disguise pin holes.

A statement piece would look great as the star of the show. Something like this, perhaps:

These are made locally by Hayley at The Art Room, and screen printed by hand. Amazing aren't they? I love how bright and fun they are! Limited edition prints available here.


I made Lila a tree, which was pretty easy. But if cutting loads of leaves out of wallpaper doesn't appeal, then how about an easy painting project?

Or, you could get really adventurous and make your own Fabric Wall Silhouette!

I love this too - find a packet of cute flash cards and peg them up as art. Throw in some cute photos of little Josh, and it should look gorgeous. And CHEAP!
You can get all the twine/pegs you need to string them up at any $2 shop.

If you can fit it - cube storage. Best thing ever for lots of fiddly kids things! They are relatively cheap too. Best bargains come via Warehouse Stationery (i know!) and Target. Buy some cute and colourful 'drawers' to finish the look. These ones and cheap and do a great job. We have them in red :)
Or, how about this for a crazy cheap solution? Mitre 10 Pine shelving unit for a measly $39. You could paint or stain it any colour you wanted and simply add the fabric boxes to create your own cube look; and 2 side by side would look even cooler.

via OhDeeOh

But if either of those options simply won't fit, how about wall shelves made from recycled drawers?

You could paint/wallpaper the inside of them to make them match your colour scheme. Place them evenly, or randomly over the wall. You could even paint some kind of hanger device around them so they look like they're attached to a structure? I'm planning on doing some in Lila's room, as I have a couple of spare drawers floating around that aren't needed. I think they'll be super cute!

As I briefly mentioned before - floating wall shelves (Mitre10/Bunnings/Warehouse) are a great option too.
Add colour by painting or wallpapering the under side of them with different colours/prints, and hang a few, one of top of the other. Something like this:

You could even use wrapping paper or scrapbooking card. I love the extra element of surprise!


No need to spend a heap on new curtains! Make this instead.

Rugs are so expensive too. But Trade Aid have really cute ones for under $100.
Or, get creative with some faux fur from Ikes/Geoffs Emporium and cut out clouds or stars or circles to use as mats!

I really hope I've been of some help. Let me know! And if you want any more advice, of course just ask!


Megan said...

I love all your ideas! the flash cards on the pegs and twine look just lovely. love the floating shelves with the paper underneath too! lots of inspiration there!

Natalie No-cash said...

Thanks Megan!! I'll have to take a photo of the cards I have on my daughter's wall.. and her drawers. I've made a few of the quilt rings for friends as presents, and made cork boards for Christmas presents last year. So many things to make, so little time!
I really want to make the drawer shelves myself as soon as possible.. will keep you posted :)

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