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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Once More with Feeling

I mentioned in my last post my love of word art. I love it because it literally speaks to you - in so many different ways! Bright colours, beautiful typography and of course the message itself can brighten anyone's mood with just one glimpse; and what's more, this isn't something you have to pay through the nose for to get.

These prints by Studio Mela are just adorable! Available online at their etsy shop.

I love Made By Girl's simple use of typography and clever layout.

Pennywishes "Je t'aime pour toujours" print translates to "I'll love you forever". So sweet! Speaking of sweet - I could probably do without this KeepCalmShop cutey in my kitchen.. which is a shame because I love this play on the ever popular 'Keep Calm and Carry On' series.

You must have a phrase that you use all the time? Something that just tends to roll off your tongue, or a song lyric that strikes a particular chord with you? Why not put it in a frame!?
You don't have be able to draw or noffink - you could just get into some good ol' microsoft Paint action, or heck, plain old Word or whatever - and the literary world is your oyster!
You can download free fonts from Da Font, and away you go. All you need is a good idea and a colour printer.

As an example, here's one I just made (as a document on my Mac):
Not that you'd want a statement alluding to farts on your wall... just wanting to demonstrate how easy it is :)

Then what you can pop them up on the wall amongst your other fabulous family photos and curios, and voila - personal style personified!


FaerySarah said...

love them all!

Megan said...

I love studio mela's work- i've got a link to her on my blog to remind me to buy a print when I have some spare $$!

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