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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Just a little something I made


The lurgy has hit our household, so forgive me for the lack of posts lately.. my head feels like it's about to explode.

On the plus side, we had our house baited last week so the mice should be moving out soon (although I found one residing quite comfortably in the family room couch this morning... he's now outside in the bushes).

On the reno side of things: our dining room is pretty much ready to decorate! It's taken a little while but the new walls have been stopped and sealed, and whilst they probably need one more sand and seal - the time has come to put the finishing touches on it - floors included. I'll pop back when I have a little more energy and enthusiasm to put together a mood board. There are so many ideas flying around my head I hardly know where to start! I'm also trying desperately to find the perfect used dining room set on Trade Me. I'm looking, of course, for danish inspired mid century tables and chairs.. gee, that won't cost me much!!
What's also on my list is the perfect wallpaper. I'm going to do 2 of the 3 walls. I think. I might get excited and do all 3! Depends how far the cash stretches...

Here are some photos (which i promised aaaages ago) of the dining room as it is now..

This of course is going to be on the more expensive side; besides the bathroom it's the biggest improvement we've done so far, but in actual renovation terms - we've done it extremely cheaply!

Do you know where a girl can find great vintage pieces at a good price? A really good Sally's store or St Vinnies that no-one knows about?

Where would you shop for wallpaper? And have you seen this site?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Project 2: Death to the Fireplace

Far out - 2 posts in one day!!

Well folks, this is a must. After careful consideration it looks as though we might be ripping down the old fireplace after all. It is kind of a safety issue, to be honest. It sits away from the wall - and doesn't seem that stable. I mean, it doesn't move or anything; no wobbling or swaying, but I think if you got in there with a crowbar it wouldn't take too much effort to topple it. There's even a crack a third of the way down, where it appears to bow outwards a little... Mr DD is not at all happy about this and the potential threat he has deemed it to pose on our little girl, so he wants it gone.
I am not too worried about this... more the effect this has on the rest of the wall. It will mean that we will, quite possibly, need to re-gib and refinish the wall - and the rest of the lounge with it. That's cool; exciting even! Only problem is it means a whole lotta cash - like, significantly more than $50 - as I don't think I could find a vintage surround to cover the hole completely (it's quite large, as it is). Arrgghh! What to do?!

I might have to go on a hunt for a giant surround at the timber recycling joint up the road and see what I can find. Perhaps the Gods will be on my side! On top of everything else, we had to buy a new car on the weekend, so now there's that to factor into our 'budget'. Sighhhhhhhh...

In a weak effort to try and make myself feel better about this, here are some pics I've been saving up of my dream living room scenario, featuring a magnificent fireplace centrepiece. Enjoy!

Once More with Feeling

I mentioned in my last post my love of word art. I love it because it literally speaks to you - in so many different ways! Bright colours, beautiful typography and of course the message itself can brighten anyone's mood with just one glimpse; and what's more, this isn't something you have to pay through the nose for to get.

These prints by Studio Mela are just adorable! Available online at their etsy shop.

I love Made By Girl's simple use of typography and clever layout.

Pennywishes "Je t'aime pour toujours" print translates to "I'll love you forever". So sweet! Speaking of sweet - I could probably do without this KeepCalmShop cutey in my kitchen.. which is a shame because I love this play on the ever popular 'Keep Calm and Carry On' series.

You must have a phrase that you use all the time? Something that just tends to roll off your tongue, or a song lyric that strikes a particular chord with you? Why not put it in a frame!?
You don't have be able to draw or noffink - you could just get into some good ol' microsoft Paint action, or heck, plain old Word or whatever - and the literary world is your oyster!
You can download free fonts from Da Font, and away you go. All you need is a good idea and a colour printer.

As an example, here's one I just made (as a document on my Mac):
Not that you'd want a statement alluding to farts on your wall... just wanting to demonstrate how easy it is :)

Then what you can pop them up on the wall amongst your other fabulous family photos and curios, and voila - personal style personified!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's Easter and we have a mouse!

My new motto after a very busy Easter weekend, which included no reno work but a lot of chocolate scoffing, mouse stalking, and driving around looking for a new car.
This year was my daughter's 2nd Easter; but the first where she was old enough to taste some of the treats she'd spied sparkling in the fridge. And I have to say, she took to it with a little too much enthusiasm! Thank goodness that's it till next year! Then again, next time she'll really be into it and want an easter egg hunt with clues and all. Secretly, I can't wait!

Anyhoo, such is the excitement of car shopping (and having to trawl through hundreds of specs on various websites *yaaawn*), I needed something else to pass my jittery (with fatigue) eye over.. and here I am.

Look at these stunning, and ever so intricately decorated Easter eggs. Slovenian "Pirhi" are considered to be among the most beautiful examples of Easter eggs in Europe.

I just love them - they remind me of my mothers doily collection. Just how on earth they can do this without smashing them to smithereens is beyond me! So clever, and so gorgeous. I would love to have these adorning my mantle. Do you like?

I saw this print (and the one above) on Flickr and I just loved it. I have a bit of a thing for 'phrase' prints.
This one is part of a collection I found by Ashley G and Drew (artists from Portland, Oregon), whose blog Kitty Genius is a treasure trove of pretty prints, recipes and great thrift store finds such as this:

It's the kind of stuff I will be keeping an eye out for for the wedding, and then to dress up my nest with afterwards. I love the glasses and the fake pear!
On top of the gorgeous prints, they also has a range of miniature porcelain artworks available through their etsy shop. How cute are these?! I LOVE THEM ALL!!!

Well, that's all for tonight. My poor little eyes are like slits. I will come back soon with a new Finds of Fancy post. That will give me a little glimmer of hope and excitement while I continue to wade through dozens of average second hand cars that I can't afford. Yay!!

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