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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Win some, lose some.

TradeMe is getting far too populated for my liking. Especially with the likes of people who happen to have  the same needs as me. They hijack my auctions, bid on them and push the price up to a point where I can no longer compete;  leaving me empty handed and deflated. Woe is me.

Take last weeks' amazing find: a weathered and well loved old teak dining table - big enough and tough enough to take the knocks of a young family and yet still shine like the grand lady of design she was. Turned legs and all! I was in love! And the reserve was only $150!! Then the bidding started. And didn't stop.
When it was all over, the sensible $150 price tag had catapulted to $750!!! Ok, so it was probably worth it. It was beeeautiful.. but sooo not what I wanted to pay. Who likes teak these days anyway?! Hmpfh.

Back to the drawing board.
I mean, don't get me wrong - I really like the dining table I scored on TM for $80 a wee while back, but this was something i'd been after for a long time. And my $80 bargain won't last that long. I need to recover the chairs, actually. Perhaps that will placate me for a while.

Moving on!
Today I was scouring the back page ads in the latest Your Home and Garden and discovered that Mocka - makers of really cool, good quality and affordable kids furniture here in NZ, have branched out into adult stuff! And it's really cool! And all really good prices! They're also doing some super cute cube storage units that would sit well in either a kids room or a light bright adult rumpus.

I love this trestle desk!

And this tv unit:

Simple, lasting design and it won't burn a hole in your pocket.
There are more great pieces to peruse on the Mocka website. Keep your card at the ready!

Friday, September 2, 2011


Totally NEED this table. I've been going through a yellow phase for a while now, and this looks like the perfect lounge accessory for me!

It's not too hard on the pocket either - only $149 from Freedom.

Drool away..

Want it? Get it here.

More inspiration for your weekend.

I just happened upon stylist LeAnn Yare's facebook page. Check it out - it's great! Loads of fun, budget ideas and lovely snaps of her latest work.

She's one clever lady - I seem to remember reading somewhere that as well as being a hugely talented designer and stylist, the girl can also fly a plane! Is there anything she can't do?!

I love the yellow frame in this pic and on her page she shows you more ways to flash up junk store frames. So tomorrow being saturday, it's only right that I should perhaps go on a bit of a hunt for some for Lila's new room (post coming soon)!

I love her use of colour - it's so vibrant and eclectic, so i'm looking forward to gleaning as much as I can from her updates. Enjoy!

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