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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's Easter and we have a mouse!

My new motto after a very busy Easter weekend, which included no reno work but a lot of chocolate scoffing, mouse stalking, and driving around looking for a new car.
This year was my daughter's 2nd Easter; but the first where she was old enough to taste some of the treats she'd spied sparkling in the fridge. And I have to say, she took to it with a little too much enthusiasm! Thank goodness that's it till next year! Then again, next time she'll really be into it and want an easter egg hunt with clues and all. Secretly, I can't wait!

Anyhoo, such is the excitement of car shopping (and having to trawl through hundreds of specs on various websites *yaaawn*), I needed something else to pass my jittery (with fatigue) eye over.. and here I am.

Look at these stunning, and ever so intricately decorated Easter eggs. Slovenian "Pirhi" are considered to be among the most beautiful examples of Easter eggs in Europe.

I just love them - they remind me of my mothers doily collection. Just how on earth they can do this without smashing them to smithereens is beyond me! So clever, and so gorgeous. I would love to have these adorning my mantle. Do you like?

I saw this print (and the one above) on Flickr and I just loved it. I have a bit of a thing for 'phrase' prints.
This one is part of a collection I found by Ashley G and Drew (artists from Portland, Oregon), whose blog Kitty Genius is a treasure trove of pretty prints, recipes and great thrift store finds such as this:

It's the kind of stuff I will be keeping an eye out for for the wedding, and then to dress up my nest with afterwards. I love the glasses and the fake pear!
On top of the gorgeous prints, they also has a range of miniature porcelain artworks available through their etsy shop. How cute are these?! I LOVE THEM ALL!!!

Well, that's all for tonight. My poor little eyes are like slits. I will come back soon with a new Finds of Fancy post. That will give me a little glimmer of hope and excitement while I continue to wade through dozens of average second hand cars that I can't afford. Yay!!


Anonymous said...

I heart those porcelain artworks!

Natalie No-cash said...

Aren't they great?!
I just had a look at your blog and love the design! Will look forward to email updates!

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