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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Project 2: What to do next?!

Ever feel, when you look around your house, that it's all just too much; there's too much to do it's all a little overwhelming? That's me, right now.

I have a cluster of projects just waiting for me to pull my finger out get cracking on. But which one?! They all seem as important as eachother - there's the fireplace to makeover, because I can't stand looking at that ugly brick facade one second longer than required; a table in need of a new colourful coat of paint; some book covers to cut up and make into butterfly wall art; some throw pillows to be sewed; and I think my bed could do with a new duvet..

I wish there were more hours in the day!

Anyhoo, since actually beginning to write this post and now (I've left it and come back, slightly more clear headed than before) I think I'm going to go with the fireplace makeover. Here is a photo of the 'beast' for your viewing pleasure. I've tried to tart it up with a few photos and strategically placed artworks, but as you can see, this monstrosity is pretty hard to disguise. Trust me though, I think the photo actually makes it look a bit nicer than it is, but DO NOT be fooled!

She is one frightful looking mo-fo, see:

I've been looking for inspiration online on how to give this baby a bit of a facelift. I'd like to think I could do something more than just painting it out, white.
I have some gorgeous Florence Broadhurst wallpaper off-cuts that I have been saving up for a special project, and perhaps this is it!

Gorgeous, huh!

On top of painting out the ugly bricks, my thinking at this stage is to make my own cover to fit over the hole (where the big A1 bit of cardboard - which is actually my 7th form design folio - is sitting right now, to keep the draft out); perhaps out of mdf or just foam board, and covering that with the wallpaper. I would maybe line the back of the recessed shelf with wallpaper too.. or again, cover a piece of foam board and pop it in there, just to pretty it up a bit.

What do you think?


Rags said...

I actually don't mind it, but you could get mdf and box it in? I will bring around the book my Grannyma gave me today entitled bookshelves, wall hangings and cupboards x

Natalie No-cash said...

Yes please!
It is nasty, Rags... maybe it's because you don't have to look at it everyday ;) Looking forward to seeing what inspirational gems that book holds!

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