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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Finds of Fancy

I thought I'd do a regular column highlighting all the fancy things I've found in my net journeys during the week, or things I've had stored in my favourites for ages and neglected to share.

This week - going with the plates theme, I would like to introduce to you a clever local lass who goes by the name Trixie Delicious. She scribbles on vintage plates. Usually with dirty words (you have been warned), and they are wooooonderful! In fact, I have a fabulous set of my own that my adoring boy bought me for my birthday.

These have unfortunately been lying, hidden in a box in the spare room instead of brightening up my walls, because the wall I *think* I want to put them on isn't quite ready yet. If they do end up going there, it'll have to wait until it's painted. Makes me sad to think they're wasting away in the dark, but they will come out soon!! Poor plates *sad face*.

Over on Trixie's blog I also spotted this gorgeous creation!

I love this tiered version of my Seven Deadly Sins plates!
I have a stash of super cute tiered cake stands aswell; bought and handmade. But I won't be scribbling on them as I want to use them on a grandiose dessert table at my wedding (which probably wouldn't looks as chic with swears).

If you want your very own slice of Trixie Delicious, go to her blog or trixiedelicious.com for links to her shop. Or if you're in Auckland, she exhibits at Kraftbomb which happens to be on this weekend! Lucky us!


Ivanhoe Associates said...

Ohh I love them!!!! Imagine serving dainty teacakes off that platter you linked! :rofl:


Natalie No-cash said...

haha, i know - and imagine M or L asking what they say...! ha!

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