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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Do you hate your walls? Gotta Sharpie handy?

Now, this is a GREAT idea for those of us who want that flash designer wallpaper but don't have a spare $350 to spend on EACH roll (insert LARGE *sigh*. Again, this is something that physically hurts me; that I can't have this. Seriously. Palpatations).
BUT there is hope on the horizon! If you can draw, or at least have a steady hand and aren't afraid to do something RAD-I-CAL (and not at all worried about your beloved walking in on you and upon finding you halfway up a ladder with a big fat marker in your hand, about to draw on the walls he spent 6months carefully painting, decides to make a beeline for that new dress you just bought at Zambesi.. AND he has SCISSORS!), then heck, by all means have a go!

Take a close look - that ain't wallpaper!

See, all you need is a gold marker and some balls. Bob's your uncle!

WARNING!!! I hate to have to add one, because I wouldn't want to discourage anyone from trying this, but here's a trap for young players. I actually tried this in my lounge, and failed miserably. This is because when we moved into our house, it was adorned with hideous and badly hung wallpaper in a few rooms, and I decided that I just couldn't live with it like that and decided to paint it out as a stop gap.
When I saw this idea and went to try it, the paint on the walls reacted with my paint pen and it just kind of 'stuck' and glugged up the pen and the ink stopped flowing properly and I got a grand 2 half lines into my design and had to quit! This made me very sad, but at least I have tried and tested this for you and can safely warn you NOT to try this if you've painted over wallpaper and the finish is a bit sticky and icky and not completely kosher. On plain painted walls, like most normal houses, it'd be fine. No worries. All feel sorry for me and my boring white walls now, please. And go forth and prosper!

Find out more here on Kellie's Scraplog.


Ivanhoe Associates said...

Eek I see what you mean about needing balls! Sounds scary! BTW where did u get the background for ur blog? Did you do it? Its so pretty!


Becca said...

That is amazing... and yes you definately need balls! I would start off good but probably end up rushing it!!

Natalie No-cash said...

I got the background for free from Deluxe Templates - i think there's a link to it at the bottom of the page!

And seriously, I think the beauty of this, is that it doesn't have to be perfect AT ALL. It's a repetitive pattern so little crooked lines or quirks here and there wouldn't really show up. You could try a less 'uniform' pattern too maybe.. rounder instead? DO IT!! :D

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