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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I heart these dining rooms

So, in order to distract anyone reading from my slow progress, I decided to showcase a few gorgeous dining rooms I've come across in my net travels.
The dining room is actually my next 'project'. It's a work in progress at the moment. It doesn't really fit into my theme of budget makeovers though, as it's already cost us $900 to re gib the walls and take out part of one that was blocking the kitchen. Open plan really has revolutionised meal time! Anyway, on with the pictures of pretty things:

This selection comes to you via of desiretoinspire.net.

I heart this one because it's a little bit vintage.

I heart this one because of the mis-matched chairs and the splendid lightshade.

I heart vintage sideboards.

I heart the clever as all hell plate arrangement and plan to steal this idea for mai own.

I heart MASSIVE book libraries. I only wish I owned enough actual books to recreate this properly!


Rhiannon said...

Right so I now have a house,Its very 1978 (just like meeee) on the outside and tidy on the inside but its crying out for some STYLE!So I so know where you're at right now and will be following your blog :D
Ok I LOVE the Plate wall, sooo tempted to steal it too :P oh c'mon how many times have you been to my house? you'll never know tehe.
Also I am sooooo into walls of books, and isn't in convienient that Kris and I are terrible book hoarders. Last count about a dozen book boxes :P

Natalie No-cash said...

Ohhhh exciting Rhiannon!! Where did you buy? I have been plotting my plate wall for a long time. I know exactly where I want to put it but I need to strip and refinish that wall before I can do it. I have all the plates and the brackets though!! I am sooo not worried if you steal it - heck take a photo and SHOW ME! I have seen so many cool things online, from my incessant surfing.. some might call that average parenting, but I call it 'taking a mental moment for me'.. anyway, so many things I want to share, so hopefully you'll be able to steal more ideas from my posts! Happy times!!!!

Ivanhoe Associates said...

The plates and mismatched chairs definately rock! They would totally suit your place! I've liked the chairs idea for a while, its just like Monica's dining chairs in Friends!
My problem would be finding enough plates I actually liked, I'm fussy like that.
Speaking of crockery, I hear one of my favourite bowl breaking :( ...gtg!


Natalie No-cash said...

Eeek!! Well, you should stalk your local church shops and op shops for plates - there are gold in them hills! And TradeMe has a few, but they tend to be a bit overpriced. STINK!!!!

katty said...

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