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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Project 1: Almost done!

I've spied so many cool things to post about this week, but i've been staying away for fear that if you see me posting anything other than photos of my current project, you'll just think I'm a fraud, get bored and move on. And fair enough! Not that that's an open invitation to 'de-follow' me... so don't.
Anyway, you'll be pleased to hear that after a bloody busy week and a whole lot of cutting, I've finally had a chance to get pasting! At the moment it is 70% finished - just need to finish sticking on all the leaves so it looks a bit more lush - but here is the progress so far:

Now, as you know, I ran out of vintage wallpaper to make the leaves, so I have to make do with scrapbooking paper from Spotlight. I think it looks really good though! I just hope the regular paper sticks as well with the wallpaper paste as the actual wallpaper does. Time will tell!
I figure if it does start to peel, I will just stick down any loose edges with wallpaper glue. Easy.
I have quite a few leaves yet to stick on, but Baby is asleep so that will have to wait.

Just a thought: if you wanted to get more bang for your buck than the scrapbooking paper (not that it's particularly expensive), you could use wrapping paper. They have some really gorgeous designs available in those A2 sheets in places like Whitcoulls, that aren't folded. They'd be great too - just watch how much glue you slap on those babies.

So there we are - hopefully I can post a pic of the finished product tomorrow, along with the 'how to' guide and a cost sheet.


kirsten said...

Looks so awesome Nat - this blog is a great idea, take it further I reckon!! What about a Destitute Designer Zine?

Natalie No-cash said...

Aw thanks! Appreciate that Kirst!
Hmm well we'll see.. the world is our oyster! ;D

Rags said...

Looking good Nat!

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