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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Project 2: Death to the Fireplace

Far out - 2 posts in one day!!

Well folks, this is a must. After careful consideration it looks as though we might be ripping down the old fireplace after all. It is kind of a safety issue, to be honest. It sits away from the wall - and doesn't seem that stable. I mean, it doesn't move or anything; no wobbling or swaying, but I think if you got in there with a crowbar it wouldn't take too much effort to topple it. There's even a crack a third of the way down, where it appears to bow outwards a little... Mr DD is not at all happy about this and the potential threat he has deemed it to pose on our little girl, so he wants it gone.
I am not too worried about this... more the effect this has on the rest of the wall. It will mean that we will, quite possibly, need to re-gib and refinish the wall - and the rest of the lounge with it. That's cool; exciting even! Only problem is it means a whole lotta cash - like, significantly more than $50 - as I don't think I could find a vintage surround to cover the hole completely (it's quite large, as it is). Arrgghh! What to do?!

I might have to go on a hunt for a giant surround at the timber recycling joint up the road and see what I can find. Perhaps the Gods will be on my side! On top of everything else, we had to buy a new car on the weekend, so now there's that to factor into our 'budget'. Sighhhhhhhh...

In a weak effort to try and make myself feel better about this, here are some pics I've been saving up of my dream living room scenario, featuring a magnificent fireplace centrepiece. Enjoy!


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