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Monday, December 6, 2010

Happiness Is...

Handmade gifts**, a painted out fireplace*, a dining room re-arranged*, Chocolate Cherry Trifle, good friends and great food; a toddler cooing over lights on a Christmas Tree, totally divine freebie art, DIY table adornments*, and of course the giddy feeling you get when summer finally arrives. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!

**'Buying handmade' is the new black. Not only can you find something unique to gift, but it's often a lot cheaper too. There's also the knowledge that you're helping a humble crafter keep on creating and not pumping money into a mega-money-making-gift-monopoly-machine. Or something.
There are craft collectives popping up in every neck of the woods, so why should online by any different? Etsy is a goldmine for cleverly crafted treasures, but it's soooo popular these days you really have to trawl through the muck to find the shiny jewels. You may not know, but there are alternatives - and I've found a few. Have a longing gander at these and maybe go one for one on 'em? It's so blinkin' tempting, I dare you not to!

1. Supermarket. As good as a daily Etsy Finds email! All awesome, not a lot of fat because there are so fewer sellers than the aforementioned. Go there now.
2. Foxes. Homegrown online store which sells predominantly kiwi design and handmade objects of desire. Designers are hand-picked by the experts for their awesomeness. Have your debit/credit card at the ready.
3. Felt. Another homegrown online market, but anyone crafty can sell here. Such a great source for hard to pick Christmas presents.
5. Georgie Love. Makes you wish you were Australian. Only for a second.
6. Made It. Sometimes it is good to be this close to our Ocker cousins ;)

*pics to come when my silly battery is charged!


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