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Saturday, July 24, 2010

"Blog Guilt" and Bathrooms

Hello out there - I wouldn't blame you if you'd decided to totally give up on me.. I've been sick (again and again), lazy and suffering from tremendous Blog Guilt. And the more you think about it the worse it gets and the more you feel you have to make up for.. uuurrgghh!!!

There has finally been some progress on the reno front..
We are having our gross laundry/second bathroom gutted and renovated this week. So far, it's been pulled out, re-gibbed, plastered and is in the process of being sanded.
As you can imagine - with no washing machine within close reach (it's under the house, hooked up mind you) and a toddler, the pile that is Mt Washmore is getting a little out of control. It's just been so miserable, I can't be bothered going outside in the freezing cold and rain to constantly reset the wash cycle because it's on a slight lean that seems to be harder than it would seem, to fix. And i'm just not that motivated.. lazy cow ;)
Luckily I have a Mother in Law whose main game is laundry and who likes to help out with a load here and there. She'd challenge Shannon Lush as the Queen of Clean, I would have to say. But, I digress...

This a very simple reno. Not a lot of room in the budget for flash cabinetry or new white-wear; actually, none at all!
We are fitting a new (but not designer) vanity that was left under the house when we bought it. It's perfectly fine and hasn't been used at all. I think there may have been plans to use it in the main bathroom that we then updated without that in mind.
I think we've saved ourselves at least $500 right there! And it will serve it's purpose well in our second bathroom-come-laundry.
We are however, getting a new shower, because the old one was so grotty.. and broken, and had mould under the silicone that you just could not shift. So that will be the star of the show.

All I really need to do is decide what colour i'm going to paint it...
I'm looking at neutrals from the Dulux Colours of New Zealand palette. It can't really be a stark white like the other bathroom, because it's on the cold side of the house, so it needs a bit of a lift.

This is a front runner at the moment -

Dulux Cadrona Quarter.

And, a warmer white around the architraves. Yet to decide what that might be.

Anyhoo - hopefully in a couple of weeks it will all be finished. In the meantime, here are the 'before' photos of the 2nd bathroom-come-laundry.

Hole in the ceiling above old shower cavity, and the hole in the floor that was left once we removed the huge concrete slab that was under the shower!

Where the old vanity was, and the site of the old loo. We are putting it back in, but had to take it out in order to gib.

We are going to sand the floors and paint them white. A good budget option that also uses a lovely feature of our old bungalow as a statement look. Go wooden floors!


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