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Thursday, November 18, 2010


I've been completely engrossed in this new online application 'Olioboard', in which you can create mood boards by dragging and dropping your favourite homewares (available for purchase, mostly in the States unfortunately), to make up your perfect room scenario. It's AWESOME. The best fun you can have without spending a dime! It sucked me in for a good few hours yesterday.. but I emerged with a 'guestimate' of how I imagine my finished dining room to look (in 20 years time when I have money again... aaahhh dreams are free!).

It's a bit of a work in progress.. I keep tutuing with it and adding things. Also, I've used the Feathers wallpaper in the background, which is the only Ferm Living wallpaper I could find in their catalogue, so I put that in as the colour palette is very similar. Hopefully they beef up their selection soon!

Here it is anyway:

In real life, I have a few of these things.. or a plan to have them, at least. And I promise you, I don't plan on spending a fortune on getting the rest either!

On saturday I bought this dining suite off Trade Me for an absolute steal:

It's not a classic Jon Jansen or Fler, but it's rather cute. I immediately loved the chairs, but they do need a little TLC. I spent an hour the other day scrubbing about a quarter of a century's worth of nicotine and grime off them. Yeah, doesn't really show up in the photo, huh ;)
They also need a nice rub down with some white vinegar to get the smoke stench off them - but once that's done they'll be sweet! They're covered in vinyl... and though I know how i'd recover the seats (they come off really easily), i'm not quite sure how to do the backs.. I'm not really adept in taking chairs apart, you see! Might have to pay a visit to someone 'in the know' for that one.
As for the table? Well it's formica, so i've been googling how to deal with that, and most people say either replace it altogether or get a piece of glass cut for it and put some paper/fabric underneath to freshen it up. That's probably the easiest and cheapest option, to be honest. But I'll have a think about it. Anyone out there - if you have any tips for me, feel free to let me know! Apparently formica does NOT like paint very much, no matter how well you prep the bugger.. hmph.

I have (well, not in my possession, but in my mind) the wallpaper, as you may recall I had a few options and settled on this one:

This will be a feature wall and the adjoining walls will all be white.

The rugs you can see there are inspiration for me. I bought a large cream natural cotton rug from the Warehouse last week - $100 down from $170 (thanks Republic Revolution!), and I plan to paint it! I'm tossing up between a black and white pattern or a mustardy yellow one. I LOVE the muted yellow and blue tones together, as per an earlier post.
Once I get around to doing it (note to self: must ship daughter off to Grandparents so I can get things done!), i'll let you all know.
Here are some more rugs i'm using as inspiration:

Fingers crossed my painting attempt doesn't go belly up!! You better send me some positive vibes, peeps.

I'm genuinely gutted I'll never have the tripod lamp - which I LOVE. I think more people should ship to little old NZ!!! I'll have to try and find a similar one somewhere.... hmm. And the new Ferm Living wall art calendar is absolutely going on my wish list! You can write on it! It's practical AND a work of art. I am smitten! It also comes with coloured post-its to further customise it. You can get yours locally from paperroom.co.nz, along with lots of other adorable Ferm Living must-haves.

The armchair I found is lovely, don't you think? Wonder if I'll ever find that here?
The wee side table though, I'm pretty sure I saw one just like it at the Salvation Army store up the road the other day! Must pop up and double check tomorrow.

Lighting is the other big feature of the room. Has to be pendant lighting and has to make a statement. I found some amazing ones by Seppo Koho. Aren't they fantastic!

But there are many more TO DIE FOR here.

Unfortunately, this is another who do not currently ship to NZ. Booooo!!! BUT, there are always ways around that, aren't there.. friends :)

Anyway, so I urge you all to go and login to Olioboard and have a go at being a real life Interior Designer yourselves! It's so much fun and it won't cost you a cent. Yet. :D


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