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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back in from the cold.. kind of.

Ok it's still freezing. But I think I've ignored (..not quite the right word.. um.. 'neglected'? ...that's better) my blogging duties for long enough...!
I don't know what happened to me between February and now... well, that's a wee lie, because I do.. but mentally speaking.. I think my creativity just went off the boil a bit. Then I got pregnant (the watermelon is about how big Baby is now).. and sick.. and crazy busy at work... and then it was winter, and OH! look at all the excuses I just came up with in a matter of nano-seconds!!
That tells me I must be feeling better, or my brain is defrosting. Either one will do :)

Tomorrow I will plan a proper post, when it's not bed time and when I am not living in fear of my 2.5yr old waking and screaming out for us 2 or 3 times in the middle of the night, like she has done for the passed two. I swear, I thought this 'sleep training' business only had to be done once when they were new?! Pah!

I should pass on a thank you, too - for had I not been avoiding my bed and browsing the Facebook through half-open-tired-eyes, my vanity may not have gotten the better of me, and I may not be typing this right now! For my eye caught sight of a pic I have used here of bark butterflies, used as the icon of a new blog added to KMB, so naturally, I sniffed and followed...
Low and behold - over at theramblingsofanothermother.blogspot.com, lil ol' me got a mention! And SQUEEEEE! a flurry of late night counter ramblings hath emerged!
Nothing like a bit of ego brightening to set you straight on your path to happiness again - so here I go.

I have the added bonus of having something to actually document too. We are renovating the spare room for The Sitting Tenant, so she has somewhere new and exciting to move to once the New Tenant arrives in December. Nothing too flashy or spensy, but wonderful all the same.

The demolition starts soon, so will post before pics ASAP.

See you lot soon!


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