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Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Dream Home

I think i've found it.. In the pages of another gorgeous new online magazine Rue.

Featured is blogger Victoria Smith's amazing, amaaaaaaaaaazing pad. And I think i'm in love!
The 'hopeful' photographer, photo stylist, design junkie and flea market queen has taken a raft of styles and flung them together to create the most inviting, invigorating, eye catching and just plain delightful home I have seen in a long time. It's a mix of all the photos I keep as inspiration on my hard drive, organised into the perfect clip art montage. In Rue they've labelled it 'Mid-Century meets Modern Boho'. I'm gonna go ahead and adopt that sensibility for myself, because I have found it rather tricky to isolate my design asthetic to one label - and I think that sounds pretty good!

My love of old nana plates and ikea tv trundles; statement 60s Fler armchairs and striking modern graphic prints framed up on the wall.. with this handle, it all makes sense. And so does the way Victoria has thoughtfully styled her own haven. If only my 20month old would allow me to have such delicate ceramic arrangements within hands reach.. they are unfortunately banished to the very top shelves for now.. but one day!

Take in every delicious morsel of her San Fransisco Bay home and just tell me you're not full of love for this light, airy and creative space that has that perfect mix of quaintness and quirk. I especially love the duvet cover on her bed.. mmmm... looks like one of the many I have been eyeing up at Urban Outfitters (did you know they ship here now! LOOK OUT!!!!). The only thing she's missing, I reckon, is a fabulous wallpaper feature wall! hehehe.

In other news - I made something like this today for my nieces room:

The cluster of lanterns on the ceiling... mine isn't quite finished yet. I need to make some tissue pom poms, and there aren't as many lanterns, but it still looks cute! When it's all done i'll upload a photo of mine. In the meantime, just imagine my one looks JUST AS AWESOME as this one ;)



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