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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Need Inspiration - look closer!

Picking the perfect colour scheme for your little cave can be overwhelming, and inevitably leads to people (me) over thinking things completely. There is so much choice; and what mood am I in today? Am I light and airy or dark and dramatic? Could I live with my garden palette over my walls or do I need something completely different as a means to escape? Whatever you're envisioning - here's a tip from Apartment Therapy: Look to the things you already love, and go from there.

Makes sense! And it's not the first plan of attack you think of when you first start out.. well, it wasn't for me.. What about you?
Apparently there are many colour match generators on the internet (I've never heard of such a thing.. but then I've never looked..). Their preferred one is Colour Hunter.
All you need to do is find the thing that inspires you most; something you LOVE, take a picture of it and upload it to this site. Sounds pretty magical actually - once you've uploaded your photo, the program then generates a colour scheme based on those in your picture. Imagine the possible combinations you could end up with! If unique is what you're aiming for - then this could certainly be for you. Some of the programs include the hex value (i guess this is the tint code/number?) so you can identify the colour exactly. Awesome!

Do you have a dress/ city/ animal that inspires you? How would you go about choosing between the myriad of paint colours on offer? Would you take a risk or go for neutrals to be safe? How daring would your colour choice be?


Megan said...

wow that colour hunter sounds very cool! I have in my head the perfect bright yellow that I want to use to paint some furniture but I'm finding it hard to find. In regards to clothes I tend to wear pretty much black, grey and white all the time -very boring, but in my home I love colour and find it really hard to stick to a colour scheme as I pretty much love every colour!

Natalie No-cash said...

Haha, you sound a lot like moi, Megan!
I know what you mean - it's sooo hard nailing down a scheme when your likes are so all over the place! I get around that by adding splashes with accessories and having white walls.. I once read somewhere that 'colour' doesn't clash.. hrrrmm.. ;)
And the yellow - dude, I think we are psychic twins! I am kind of obsessed with yellow furniture at the moment as well.. I have spray painted an old coffee table yellow. But I've run out and the coats aren't even, so i might just go buy a tub and hand paint. The colour wasn't exactly what I wanted anyway.. a bit too lemony. Check out the Resene Kids palette - they have some super bright colours that might suit? Thanks for your message :D

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